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"What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything" - Vincent Van Gogh


Karmen, Mother of Primary School student

" I’ve observed a significant increase in the complexity in my son’s speech patterns and expressions.  Not only has his vocabulary greatly expanded, but he has learnt to assemble words together in coherent and surprisingly creative ways to express his thoughts. We are very lucky to have Maria as his guide, providing a non-judgmental environment where he has made great gains in resilience"


Laine, Mother of High school student

"Last week they (my daughter) had exams again and she got a 5/7 and a 6/7. She was over the moon (as are we) that she is improving. She also does Mac Lit and is tested every MOnday on her reading. she is always the top of the group with the biggest improvement. You guys are amazing!


Ella, University Student

"Finally, I'm reading again. I was such a bookworm as a kid, but my reading level didn't rise with my age, and thoughout my teens I felt I pretty much lost the ability, especially with higher level books. Now suddenly I'm powering through books....."

Jack has changed considerably in the past 6 months. His personality has changed and he is a much happier boy. He ‘loves’ Arrowsmith, which is truly astounding (and not what I expected). I think the slow transition into Arrowsmith over the first few weeks helped greatly with this. While he enjoys his school and likes his teachers a lot, Arrowsmith is different and Jack feels special in what appears to be a very safe and rewarding environment for him. I think it is also building his confidence.

Jack’s home behaviour has improved. He has always been a very ‘good’ student and behaving well in the classroom but at home it has been a different story. This has changed considerably – he appears to be coping better with life and more able to cope with the end of the day and getting through his bath, reading, dinner, etc.

He is more organized. He is packing his bag for school and actually remembering which days he needs to take his sports gear, his homework and his Arrowsmith folder and being able to pack and prepare for this without any assistance.

Jack’s reading has jumped up by a full year in one term: His reading age jumped from early Yr. 2 level to early Yr. 3 level between mid-term 1 and mid-term 2. We still have a gap of over 12 months to catch up, but it has been a major relief to me that we are now closing the gap (and that it is not getting any wider nor staying the same). My feeling is that Arrowsmith is contributing to this greatly. His health has improved considerably in the first few months of this year so this too is helping him.

Jack’s Mother, Yvette



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