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CoreSenses was established by Maria Commisso who is committed to improving students learning capabilities.

CoreSenses mission is to access and enhance the learning potential within every student by building new neural pathways and enabling lifelong success.

Maria Commisso

Director of  Learning

Maria Commisso is the Founder and Director of Learning at CoreSenses. She has extensive  experience in a variety of guidance and support environments across many facets of developmental skills.


She trained in the Arrowsmith Program in Toronto, Canada in 2013 and established the first Australian primary school Arrowsmith Program in Sydney.

Inspired by the success of the Program, Maria set up CoreSenses where she is able to offer the Arrowsmith Program to people of all ages 


Yvette Lever
Facilitator Arrowsmith program

Yvette is an Arrowsmith facilitator with CoreSenses.

She was inspired by the difference the Program made to her son's life. 

Yvette’s goal is to deliver learning improvements for students and help people understand that there is an alternative option when seeking solutions to addressing learning challenges.


Along with her Arrowsmith expertise Yvette provides significant business acumen as a result of a successful career in banking, finance and marketing.

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David Commisso

Director of Technology and Learning Innovation

A creative and skilled professional with diverse expertise in construction management and the entertainment industry, David brings an innovative mindset to the delivery of on-line learning.

He has stage managed live concerts in over 50 countries and performed with Opera Australia. He is committed to driving engagement with his audience.


Using creative design, David developed an interactive and engaging learning platform that enables timely and supportive teaching intervention for students at CoreSenses.

He became an Arrowsmith facilitator to ensure that he understood the user experience as an online learner.

His mission to deliver quality online learning has resulted in personalised delivery of the Arrowsmith Program for every student.


Max Brodie
Facilitator Arrowsmith program

I developed a passion for the Arrowsmith Program when my 15 year old daughter completed two years full time at an Arrowsmith School in Vancouver.  Those two years changed her life and I resolved to become involved in the Program when I retired. 


True to my word, when I retired from the Reserve Bank of Australia i volunteered as a teacher’s aide at CoreSenses.  I quickly settled in to a very caring, supportive and professional environment with an outstanding mentor.  Soon after, I completed the training to deliver the exercises and am excited to start my second year delivering the Program in class and online.  It is very gratifying to watch the students, of all ages, progress over the year as they work hard on their exercises. 



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