'We know what we are, but not what we may be'

William Shakepeare

CoreSenses offers the Arrowsmith Program to people of all ages, to awaken capabilities and engage with lifelong learning.

The Arrowsmith Program provides the tools to ignite and realise potential.  

The Arrowsmith Program addresses a wide range of specific learning difficulties  such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory and/or visual processing problems, attention difficulties and non-verbal learning difficulties. 

The Arrowsmith Program may also be of benefit for individuals who do not have formally identified specific learning difficulties but are challenged with issues such as organisation, processing, problem solving, communication, memory, and independence.

What is the Arrowsmith Program?

Why the Arrowsmith Program?

The Arrowsmith Program uses the theory of Neuroplasticity to awaken capabilities and stimulate new neural pathways. This alternate learning approach has positively influenced the academic and social outcomes of its students – strengthening areas of cognitive weakness. Arrowsmith has been adopted by more than 90 schools worldwide.

Explore the Arrowsmith Program Website for more information.

What is Neuroplasticity?

Imagine a super highway that eliminates the traffic jams. Neuroplasticity is the theory of re-modelling; the brain’s ability to change its structure to awaken capabilities and foster lifelong learning.

Who Benefits?

Candidates for the program are  students who find difficulty with their learning in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Visual Memory
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Executive Function
  • Auditory Memory
  • Dyslexia
  • Auditory Processing
  • Attention

CoreSenses delivers the Arrowsmith Program to awaken learning capabilities to their full potential.

It is offered in a relaxed learning environment where each student feels valued and supported; CoreSenses motivates students to improve their cognitive functions related to learning through the Arrowsmith Program.

Maria Commisso

Maria Commisso is the Director of Learning at CoreSenses. She has over 30 years teaching and leadership experience in a variety of educational settings including primary and secondary schools.

She has degrees in Teaching and Librarianship and has trained in the Arrowsmith Program in Toronto, Canada.

Maria established and administered the first Australian primary school Arrowsmith Program at Mosman Preparatory School, in 2013. 66 students across a broad age range have worked through the program under Maria’s guidance. Many of these students have developed improved self confidence, re-engaged with learning and improved their academic results since completing the program. A number of the students improved their academic performance at university.

The positive experiences demonstrated by the students participating in the program inspired Maria to establish CoreSenses where she is able to offer the Arrowsmith Program to people of all ages and to the broader community.


Maria is a highly dedicated educator who has a authentic commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Maria has a deep understanding of the processes involved in learning and backs up her experience and expertise with strong theoretical background in Neuroplasticity and cognitive coaching.
Samantha Jefferson
Director of Cornerstone Learning Systems
Maria is the best. She's patient, soft spoken and a stickler for details and won't be budged when a student wants to cut corners. She knows how to get the best out of everyone and it shows. If you're a parent and wondering will this program work or is it worth the cost, our experience is that it will and that it is. 10 fold. In 1 year our son has refocused from a fragmented child to a well rounded teen with a renewed enthusiasm for all things academic; with school marks to support his new outlook. We highly recommend Arrowsmith as instructed by Maria at CoreSenses.
Richard M & Family

How does CoreSenses deliver the Arrowsmith Program?

Each student works on their Individualised Learning Program which is developed after an initial assessment. These individual learning programs can vary from 1 to 6 exercises a week. Each exercise requires a minimum of 4 hours face to face tuition.


Full time programs (4 – 6 exercises)

Part Time Programs ( 1 – 3 exercises)

Motor Symbol Sequencing (MSS) cognitive program (primarily an at-home program (1 hour per day) with weekly check-in sessions)

Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program 

Full Initial Arrowsmith Program Assessment 

Video Introduction to the Arrowsmith Program

This fifteen-minute introduction provides an overview of our program. It may answer many of your questions about what we do and the suitability of our program for your child or for yourself.

Celebration of Achievements

I started in Arrowsmith as a nervous kid who had no confidence in himself and didn’t want to try new things. 

After one month in Arrowsmith I got accustomed to the program and started to really grind in on the 5 programs I had been allocated to do.

I finished my first year with amazing results, although not all days where fun filled and it was hard work at times. 

Then I started my second year which was different as I was in year seven and had to be home schooled but the year flew by with more amazing results. And here I am now in year 8 after two hard years with extremely good results and having no problem writing this letter. 

My confidence has sky rocketed and the nerves no longer exist while writing letters like this, but that is not all. My english and maths as well as science has been blown out of the roof. 

I am sure that whatever difficulties you are having will improve out of sight if you apply yourself to the Arrowsmith Program.

13 yr old student from 2017 class (2 years in the program)

girl reading sparks

Both of my children have progressed so much this year, we can hardly believe it. The Symbol Relations progress has been amazing and we are starting to see some real results from both MSS and Symbol Relations.

Although school pressure has slowed down, my daughter wrote the most amazing short story for an assignment (it took her approximately 10 minutes) – she was asked to read it to the class and was then sent to the Kindy classes to read it to them. Great structured story line and it just flowed beautifully. She would never have been able to put this together last year. She also won a Consistent Effort & Application Award at Presentation Day – she hasn’t received an award since Kindy and she just couldn’t believe it – it came with a $30 book voucher so she was over the moon. She also sat a piano exam, came out sobbing because she mixed up scales and made mistakes in one of her songs. When her teacher asked what she thought she got, she said probably a D, if I’m lucky I might get a C. Turns out she got an A. She didn’t stop smiling all weekend and kept saying “I’ve just never had an A in anything before.”

We have also noticed a significant improvement in my son’s connections and vocabulary – his conversation is starting to become more automatic, incorporating more complex words and ideas and his comebacks are quicker and occasionally, quite witty. This is leading to an improvement in his comprehension and I think if I could just get him interested in reading, his English would improve significantly. He also received his prefect badge at the Presentation yesterday – so he is feeling pretty successful as well.

I finally feel both kids are starting to get somewhere and just getting a taste of success is proving to be very motivating for both of them. They have both asked for help with Geometry over the holidays, which they are both struggling to understand – this has never happened before!

Thanks for everything Maria!

Mother of students from 2017 class (2 years in the program)

Taking The Next Step

1.  Complete the Arrowsmith Program Cognitive Profile Questionnaire to determine whether your child’s / your difficulties are typical of those addressed by the Arrowsmith Program.

2. If you are interested in exploring the Arrowsmith Program further for yourself or your child, please complete the online form: Expressions of Interest for an Enrolment Package.

3. If you have further queries please contact me at maria@coresenses.com.au or ring me directly on the number below.

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